Class iii / nfa

Steps to sucess

Here at Exodus Arms we know the process for getting a Class III / NFA item can be confusing. We have teamed up with National Gun Trust  to help make the process a little easier. When using National Gun Trust enter coupon code EXODUSARMS at checkout and receive a 5% discount on your purchase. Please contact us and let us help you get the NFA item of your dreams. 

  1. Contact us and lets find the NFA item you are looking for

  2. Determine the way you are going to register the NFA item

    1. Individual

    2. Trust (our recommendation)

    3. Corporation

  3. Fill out the paperwork required

  4. ​Fingerprints for required individuals

  5. Passport photos for required individuals

  6. Send in the paperwork and payment to the BATFE

  7. Wait for the BATFE to approve and return the tax stamp

  8. Pick up you new NFA item!!